Monday, January 31, 2011


From Leslie Readers Husband Adam:

My band, THE TERKS have been nominated for the 2011 eWorld Music Awards, which will be held on Grammy Weekend @ the legendary SIR Studios, in Hollywood. The award show was created by the people behind the Golden Globes and the Independent Spirit Awards. A panel of top recording artists, music producers and executives encompassing the full range of the music industry were assembled to select the most promising artists from thousands of submissions from all over the planet. The Terks were one of six artists nominated by the panel for best band. The winner of the remaining six will be chosen by the fan’s vote. Voting may only be accessed through our Boomerang Media Station™. Boomerang is a quick and free installation, and is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC's and Firefox only for Macs. Any votes not cast through the Boomerang will not count and fans may only vote once.

Is there any way you can help us GET THE WORD OUT TO VOTE? This would really help the local scene in UTAH because our competition is from LA, BOSTON, and NEW YORK. They are ALL on bigger indie labels with three of them already on the billboard charts. If a little band, with no label, from South Jordan, Utah could get enough people to vote we could really do something BIG! If we can get enough votes to finish in the top 3, then we will perform on the awards show in front of all of the major labels and executives. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Can you please follow the instructions below and vote for us and forward this on to as many people as you can? It only takes about 4 minutes total. WE would really appreciate it.

Adam Reader

1) Click "Install boomerang free"
2) Click to install (on firefox)
3) Fill out name and email
4) You'll see "Thank you for registering" Click to continue
5) Restart Firefox
6) Top left corner click on "eWorld Media" button
7) Drop down menu #1 click "Vote! 2011 eWorld Music Awards"
8) Left side click "Best Band"
9 ) Click "The Terks-Good Old Days"
10) Click "Vote" at the bottom of the page

Thanks so much for your support! It means a lot.

Adam and Leslie Reader

To straighten out a few things...

First off, I am typing with a fussy toddler in my arms. I am sure some of you have been there. Anyway...

There has been talk of a craft night on Wednesday this week. I was staring to get it ready and realized, I just have too much going on. If someone else wants to put it together let me know, send me an email and I will post all the info about it.

Also, Audrey Cazier had decided to join in on the baby celebration on Thursday! Yea!
This is a pic of her new baby boy Ayden with big brother Rylin (I hope I spelled his name right.) She will be coming by not bringing Ayden. He has been sick and she doesn't want him to get any worse. I hope to see you on Thursday!!

(Ok, now that I have changed a diaper, made a snack for Carter and sent him off to Piano and ate a chocolate bar myself, a few hours later this post is done!)
From Stacie Manning:
You're invited to a NORWEX Party!
Join us for some fun to learn all about
Feb. 5th at 10:30am
Stacie Mannings House
10735 S. Navaroo

Have you ever heard of Norwex? I haven't either until recently. I was very surprised to learn that I could clean the kitchen, bathrooms, windows, and more without using chemicals-and even get better results. I was so excited by this concepts and the innovative products Norwex has to offer, that I want to host a party and share it with you!

Would you like to cut cleaning time by 75%?
Breathe easier by cleaning without chemicals?
Save money by cleaning with only H2O?

Help save the environment by eliminating waste!!! Make your home a safer place for you and your family!

RSVP by Feb 4th to Stacie at 801-493-9799

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Its that time to come celebrate all the new little ones! In honor of:
Shelley Beishline and her newborn Miles
Melissa Kanongata'a baby boy Brock who is 10 weeks old now
Audrey Cazier had little baby Ayden. He has been sick so she is going to come by with a picture of him,
Natatlie Evans who has adopted 2 children from Africa. Faith (9 months) and Andrew (2)

When: Thursday Feb. 3rd
Where: Cami Johnston's 10794 S. Tahoe Way (really on Indigo Sky)
Time: 7pm
Feeling overwhelmed? Check out our neighbor, Debbye Cannon's, website for SMARTcut Solutions to getting life organized and simplified. If you enjoyed her presentation "Better Homes and Closets" this is a place to get more guidance that will make your life "simply brilliant!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Thanks Mindie Butterfield for organizing playgroups!

Wednesday February 2nd- 10:15-11:30 Story time at the Riverton Library
12877 South 1830 West Road
Riverton, Utah 84065

Friday February 18th- At Sarah Molloy's (I'll let you know the time later)

Mark you calendars!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Leslie Reader is having a weight loss party at her home this Tuesday the 26th at 7:00pm. We will be discussing healthy ways to decrease or maintain your weight physically, emotionally, and mentally. There will be product samples, products for purchase, affirmations, exercise ideas, and healthy, easy recipes. If you are having trouble sticking with your New Year's weight goals come for new ideas and support. Address 4358 DeGray Dr. RSVP

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do any of you really want to go out with your husband more often but can't afford a babysitter every week? Um, yeah, me too. So, the solution is a date night babysitting swap. This is basically how it works. We will pair up in groups of four families based on number of kids and needs (we don't want the groups to be too big). You will babysit one Friday or Saturday night a month and you get to go out the other three weeks. It can be a fun movie night for the kids....AND you get to go out with your husband THREE weekends a month. :) There might also be a group doing only every other week if that's more appealing to you. Call me at 801-253-4812 or email if you are interested or if you have additional questions about how this is going to work. I will also consider suggestions. Let's get this going for February!

Kristin Brandt

Friday, January 21, 2011

Want to Pamper Yourself Spa Style?? You can right in our neighborhood!

Leslie Reader is ready to make you feel like a beautiful woman and pamper yourself SPA style. Come right to her home for these wonderful services:

Facial $60
Make-up $30
Eyebrows $20 (better than waxing)
Lip $ 5
Chin $ 5

Call Leslie at 801-244-5497

She will also let you relax in her massage chair before or after your treatment!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swirly Girls GrAnD OpEnIng!!

Have you been to the new Swirly Girls Gourmet Bakery? Too many treats to choose from! They have really done a great job with this hip new bakery. Not only is the place appealing but the treats are to die for! Carter, my 6 year old, still is asking to go back for another chocolate cupcake.

So of course we will be there on Saturday for their GRAND OPENING! The Swirly Girls, Debi Jensen and Amberleigh Farrell will be there giving away free samples and door prizes! I am so proud of out awesome neighbors and their talent and ambition. Come join the fun from 1-4 in Soda Row. 11248 S. Kestrel Rise Rd. to be exact.

See ya there!

Winter Palooza

Thanks Rachel Taylor:

This Saturday January 22nd at the South Towne Expo center from 10am-8pm.
Palooza Activities:
- 8 Bounce Houses
- Huge Paintball Dome
- Gallery Shooting Practice
- Laser Tag Arena
- Ropes Course
- Rock Wall
- Hollywood Connection
- Incredible Pizza
- Princess Festival
Scales and Tails will be entertaining kids at 7pm on stage. Meet your creepy crawly reptiles..snakes, turtles, & lizards.

Did I tell you Darth Vader, C3po, Boba Fett are all coming? And Harry Potter, Spiderman, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, Bumble from the Salt Lake Bees. And Mary Poppins should be flying in on her umbrella around 2:15

Tickets are 7.99 a person (under 2 are free) at the door but you can get them for 5 BUCKS at

Sounds like fun!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Neighborhood Co-op

Hello there ladies of the 14th ward and Daybreak neighborhood who have young children,
We've got a neighborhood babysitting co-op going on and would like to invite anyone interested to join! It's an awesome way to exchange babysitting services without spending money. If you're like me and don't have a mom who lives in town to help, (or even if you do...) imagine being able to grocery shop, go to appointments, take a bubble bath, get housecleaning done, exercise, or just relax for a couple of hours...without your kiddos!
Here's how it works. Anyone who joins gets six hours worth of tickets per child, and when you want to use your tickets, you call up whoever is on the schedule on the day you need and let them know when you'll be bringing your kids over. You "pay" one hour of tickets per child per hour, so if you dropped two kids off for 2 1/2 hours, you'd "pay" 5 hours of tickets. Then, when you are on the schedule (you choose your shift), you can earn back tickets by watching other people's kids. It's a great system, especially because your children see these outings as playdates.
We encourage you to sign up for two shifts per month, either morning (9-1) or afternoon (12-4).

I'm planning a meeting at my house this Thursday, Jan. 6th, at 8:30pm for everyone to come, ask questions, and set up the schedule for the next four months or so. Email me if you're interested ( and I can answer any immediate questions you have.
Just so you know who's in it already, we have Kristin Brandt, Lahni Castellano, Mindie Butterfield, Karin Brooks, Cami Johnston, and myself, with Teresa Akagi and Sydnie Christensen interested in joining. Our goal is to have both shifts covered every day Monday-Friday. If enough people are interested in a date night co-op (Friday and Saturday nights), let me know and we could get that going as well.
Thanks and hope to hear from you!

~Mary Lampros