Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food Storage Tips from Debbye Cannon

I am looking to buy a 23 Qt. pressure canner and wide mouth jars/lids.
If you (or someone you know) have these please give me a call.

I have just learned about two good grocery ad services you might want
to check out: ($4.95 month) This site helps you spot the HOTTEST
deals in a hurry!
You can even print a list of the items YOU want and take it to
Wal-Mart for one stop shopping (price matching).
Store brands are matched with store brands (Western Family/Great Value, etc.) (FREE)

I found out about these from the gals teaching at Honeyville Farms
classes. Just one tip about a special on
2# blocks of cheese saved me $40! FYI you can keep unopened vacuum
sealed blocks of cheese (Tillimock)
on the shelf in your cold storage room for SIX MONTHS! I got enough
to last awhile!

Laura Hickman told me about chicken special at Peterson's this week
(thru June 29th).
I'm having so much fun creating my FOOD STORE (used and rotated food
rather than STORAGE).

If you are interested in becoming more self reliant let me know. I'd
love to add you to my special interest email list.

Debbye Cannon

Baby Girl Bedding

From Karen Brooks
I was at Target the other night and found this darling baby girl crib bedding. I just couldn't pass up a good deal. I of course am not having a baby, but I bought it thinking someone might want it. It was on clearance at Target but is twice as much online. (It is online only, but someone had returned it.) I got the bumper pad for $28 (online price: $49.49) and the crib skirt for $9 (online price: 28.79). Here is the link. If anyone is interested, I will of course give it to them for what it cost me. If there are no takers, I will return it. They also had the crib quilt for another $27 but I didn't buy that. Who uses a quilt anyway?

Karin Brooks

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lost and Found

We have found on our lawn a pair of children's metal-rim eye glasses and a tennis racquet. Anyone looking for either item can call Ann Hobson at 878-3383.

It's a Boy!!! And a cute one too!

Welcome Adam Cannon Unsworth!!!

Come join his mama, Alison Unsworth
to celebrate his arrival at our
Baby Celebration

Thursday, June 23rd
7 p.m.
Karen Brooks' Home
10818 Weiss Drive

Bring a neighbor and be part of the
Women of the Tribe!!

Questions? Call Cami 801-898-5576 or Deborah Anne 801-580-3329

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Humanitarian Tour is TONIGHT Wed, June 8th

Meet tonight, June 8th, at the Church at 6 p.m. for car pool.

Relief Society Humanitarian Tour

Come see how very cool the LDS Church really is as we learn how we serve all over the world. Meet at the Church at 6 p.m. and we'll car pool to the Humanitarian Center downtown. Dessert after at a restaurant downtown.

Teresa Akagi's baby is here!!!

Baby was born Sunday and all is well! Hoorah! All our love goes to you, Teresa, and your family. Rest, relax, and nuzzle your wee ones' little sweet neck.
Thanks be to God for all our blessings!

Details on Iron Pig Championship!!!

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Iron Pig Competitors,

We are excited to announce the inaugural “Battle of Champions" cook-off to be held Saturday June 11, 2011 at Daybreak's North Shore Model Home Village. Past winners will be given a secret ingredient and be asked to cook an appetizer, main entrĂ©e, and dessert. Contestants will compete for the 2011 Iron Pig Championship trophy. Come and cheer for your favorite contestants, enjoy cooking demos and tasty food samples provided by local businesses and restaurants, and listen to live music! The Iron Pig battle begins at 11AM and the winner will be announced at 1:30PM. The secret ingredient will be posted on the website this weekend. (Competitors, you will receive a separate email with additional details). Come join in the fun!


Tom & Teresa Akagi

Questions? 801-446-0191

List of competitor's and assistants:

Contestant 1: David Nielsen (Iron Pig People's Choice Winner - Carnival Foods)
[Assistant: Charles Hubbard (Iron Pig People's Choice Winner - Picnic Foods)]

Contestant 2: Fernando Lopez (Iron Pig People's Choice Winner - Breakfast)
[Assistant: Nick Falcone]

Contestant 3: Anthony Castillo (Iron Pig Judges Choice Winner - Fiesta Night)
[Assistant: None]

Contestant 4: Sarah Molloy (Iron Pig People's Choice Winner - Fiesta Night)
[Assistant: Jules Lambert]

Contestant 5: Tamara Packard (Iron Pig Judges Choice Winner - Baking and Pastry)
[Assistant: Chris Packard]

Contestant 6: Trish Leishman (Iron Pig People's Choice Winner - Baking and Pastry)
[Assistant: Chellie Phillips]

4-5 year old Soccer, anyone?

I was wondering if you or anyone else in relief society knew of neighborhood boys soccer team for 4-5 year olds. My son wants to play soccer this coming fall and I know sign ups are now so I was hoping their was already a neighborhood team he could get on. I would appreciate any information.

Becky Burt

Good News from the Reader Family!!!!

I am so happy to report that MacKinley will not need surgery afterall. The surgeon suspected as much and he ordered a CT skan of his head and the plates were not fused together! I need to watch it to see if it gets worse, but he said most of the time the fusing happens at birth. So I need to prop his head up to flatten it a bit in the back---and that's all! No helmet! We are SO happy.

Also the lab was sucessful at getting a blood draw to check his white blood cell count. (It may be low because he may have a problem with his immune system.). I will let you know the results.
Now we are going to go party, cry a little, and thank God. We love you all!
Leslie and Adam and family

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iron Pig Contest this Saturday, June 11th

Next Saturday, June 11th, the past winners from the Iron Pig will be competing in a live cook-off at

North Shore model home village from 11AM-2PM.
Cook off begins at 11 a.m.
Judging at 1:30 p.m.

The cook-off will be in conjunction with the What's Cooking at Daybreak event.
Sarah Molloy will be one of the competitors
This year Daybreak is inviting restaurants to hand out samples to the public as well. Should be a lot of fun!

Here's the Iron Pig website with additional information for anyone interested:

Play Group Time!!!!

I think summer may finally have arrived! I'm thinking we should start meeting at the park every week for playgroup now as long as the weather is good. Plan on every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at the park on Degray and Navarro. If the weather is bad we will cancel, but otherwise let's get our playgroup on!! If you want to change the time, day, or place, send me an email at I am thinking it would be easiest to keep the day, time and place the same each week so that we can all just plan on it but if you would like me to change any of the details, I'm happy to. Hope to see you all on Wednesday!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Celebration for Adam Cannon Unsworth and his mom!!

Another Boy
(we are going to be so protected by the priesthood in 12 years!!!!)
Adam Cannon Unsworth is here - healthy and cute as can be!! Alison wonders if she'll ever sleep more that 2 hours in a row again!! I promise - you will!
Come Celebrate with the Wise Women of the Tribe
Thursday, June 23rd
7 p.m.
Karin Brooks Home
10818 Weisse Drive
Bring a friend and neighbor!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Norwex Class Saturday, June 4th

Come learn about Norwex Enviro Products
Saturday June 4th
11 a.m.
Leslie Reader's
4358 Degray Drive
Cut cleaning time by 75%
Save money
Clean with only H2O - no chemicals
Use the same cloth over and over
RSVP June 2nd 801-244-5497
Bring a friend and come!

Babysitter Needed

Amber Ashton's neighbor is looking for a babysitter for her second grader and 18month old on the days when she has to leave for class before her husband gets home. If you are interested, contact Amber 801-446-5332. The mom needing help is going back to school - good for her!