Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are you ready to Get Healthy?

I recently lost 30 lbs. in 3 months.  Over the past 8 years I have slowly been gaining weight. I have tried many times to diet and nothing works long term. I did an awesome program that actually worked! It was easy. I wasn't starving and I never got terrible headaches.

I just wanted to get the word out that I am a health coach now and would love to help anyone out who want to lose weight and get healthy and STAY healthy! You can visit my web site www.LetsGetHealthyTomorrow.com  to find out more about it. If you know of anyone who might be interested in the program please send them the link to my web site. Feel free leave you information at my site (no one will get it but me) or to call me on my cell anytime at 801-898-5576 if you want to know more!

I have an awesome deal for anyone who signs up for the month of April, which I guess only leaves this week left!

Here is a picture of my friend (not some stranger in an ad). She lost 60 pounds in 5 months and her husband lost 60 pounds in 3 months ! It really works!!!!

Thanks everyone,
Cami Johnston

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